x A depiction of the ambush attack on advancing Israeli Merkava 2 tanks by well positioned Hezbollah fighters firing Russian made Kornet AT missiles, during what became known as the battle of Wadi Saluki in August of 2006.

x Preproduction examples of the Soviet JS-8 heavy tank are being demonstrated for Josef Stalin at the Kubinka proving grounds in 1950

x Israeli Centurion tanks counterattacking against Syrian forces during the "October War" of 1973.

x Two different versions of the excellent German Leopard A5 main battle tank.

x A U.S. Army M1A1 Abrams and a Yugoslav-built T84 of the Kuwaiti Army, participating in joint exercises in Kuwait.

x An Israeli Merkava sporting experimental defensive and detection devices.

x An Afghan rebel armed with an RPG takes aim at a Soviet BMP, during their ill-fated occupation of Afghanistan, 1979-82.

x A British-built Centurion of the Iranian Army engages attacking Iraqi armor in the city of Khorramshahr, 1980.

x 2 U.S. built M60 main battle tanks equipped with Israeli-designed "blazer" reactive armor, patrol the battle-scarred streets of a Lebanese city, 1982.

x An Israeli Merkava 3 main battle tank just after firing its 120mm smoothbore gun. 
Golan Heights, late 1990's.

x A Yugoslav-built M84 (T72) leads a column of Serb vehicles out of Pristina. Kosovo, 1999.

x Iraqi soldiers surrender to allied forces after fleeing their burning APC, with a mine-plow equipped M1A1 Abrams in the background.

x A French-built AMX30 in the service of the Saudi Army leads other Saudi armored vehicles after taking part in re-capturing of the city of Khafji, January 1991.

x Iraqi soldiers with their T62 tanks anxiously await a U.S. officer, to discuss a site for official surrender talks, March 1991.

Battle of Berlin, 1983. A theoretical scene showing Soviet T-64s advancing from the east into West Berlin at "Checkpoint Charlie".

x A Russian T-90 emits a defensive smokescreen during training maneuvers.

x A Russian T-90 main battle tank contrasts against the snow.

x Croatia, 1991. A Croatian BVP M-80A armored personnel carrier and a Soviet-made T-55, part of a counterattack against Serb Tanks.

x The U.S. Army recently purchased several of these Italian Centauro vehicles for training and doctrine development, while waiting for the U.S."Stryker" interim armored vehicles to become available.

x Yom Kippur war of 1973: M4A3E8 Shermans modified by the Israelis, major changes include a 105mm gun and large counterweight at the turret rear.

x A French "Leclerc" main battle tank. First operational in 1992, it is comparable to other main battle tanks, like the U.S. M1A2 Abrams.

x December 1994: Russian army tank crews and their T 72s gathered outside the Chechen city of Grozny.

x A rendering that shows the last millisecond before the impact of a tank-launched prototype "top attack" smart missile. The unsuspecting crew resides in a Russian T72, equipped with reactive (outwardly exploding) armor blocks covering most vulnerable surfaces.


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